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Add to soups dried peel onions (do not forget to remove it from the finished soup), this will reduce the probability of cancer.


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Haemorrhoids: causes, symptoms, treatment. Photos

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 A common belief that hemorrhoids are sick all, not true. Haemorrhoids in persons younger than 20 years is rare.It seems that men and women equally sick hemorrhoids often, but men were more likely to engage in self-treatment of hemorrhoids, or not treated at all. Therefore neglected cases hemorrhoids are more frequent among them.

Separate nutrition: harm or benefit?

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Method of separate food appeared not so long ago, and it can be attributed not only to "proper food", but rather to the newfangled methods of weight loss.

Child's muscle tone. Gipertonus, gipotonus, dystonia

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Virtually all children are born with physiologically elevated tone. This is because the position of the embryo, with tightly pressed against the torso to the limbs and chin, musculature fetus is in stress areas. In razgibatelyah muscles of head and neck tone is higher than in sgibatelyah, so the newborn's head is slightly zaprokinuta ago.


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ImageInsert into two legs, mankind has acquired many of the disease, osteochondrosis, only one of them. vertebra in the process of evolution has acquired a number of devices to compensate for the vertical loads: the physiological curves in the frontal plane (kyphosis and lordosis), enhanced muscular and ligamentous apparatus but man it is too heavy.

Ovulation: What is it? Signs of ovulation, conception and pregnancy. Photos

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 What is ovulation? How not to miss a good moment to conceive? It's simple - focus on signs and symptoms of ovulation, using the basal temperature and tested for ovulation - and pregnancy in our pocket!


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VIChAIDS - acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, or HIV - human immunodeficiency virus, is most difficult, after cancer and at this time an incurable disease. Using the tools of modern medicine can only facilitate and prolong life with HIV.

Child often wakes up at night. Sucking the breast and sleep

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ImageYou're concerned about the fact that your baby often wakes up at night? What he does not want to sleep alone and crying as soon as you put it in the cot, or when you wake up and do not close? What does it too often asks the chest, not only during the day, but at night? Do not worry, you have a perfectly normal child.

Beriberi. Treatment with herbs

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ImagePour 1 kg of crushed needles 5 L of cold boiled water (better bread kvass) and insist on 18 hours in a warm place. Drink of beriberi on request. Bringing hvoyu remember that the vitamins in the winter it is significantly greater than in summer.

Dry skin. Medical masks

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ImageDry skin peel off, and often feel stretched. Due to the lack of a protective layer of sebum dry skin reacts badly to changes in temperature. For dry skin less than the oily, pimples appear, but less robust, easy to crack, grubeet, peel off. Traditional medicine recommends that the natural mask for dry skin.

Puffiness, bags under the eyes. Treatment of people

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Image«Bags»under the eyes are formed as a result of improper activities of internal organs. More often than not distinguish between cardiac and renal edema caused by heart disease or kidney. In order to get rid of edema and swelling, it is necessary to treat major diseases. Below are the methods of cosmetic rid of edema on the face of people's means.

Climax women

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ImageClimax age adjustment due to the organism, the primary role played by the central nervous system and endocrine glands. For women, menopause usually occurs between the ages of 45-50 years. It is linked to the extinction of hormonal activity and a decrease in ovarian sex hormone estrogen formulation. Accordingly, a gradual cessation of menstruation.

Climax men

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ImageMen menopause occurs between the ages of 50-60 years. By this time, decreasing the development of sex hormone testosterone, which leads to violations of the functions of other glands - adrenal, thyroid, pituitary gland.

Oriental diet

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ImageDiet is designed for 10 days. With strict adherence to the eastern diet lose people over this period of 4 kg of weight.

Complete cleansing of the body

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body cleansingCleansing the body - a very good sanitary condition. Complete cleansing of the body - it is cleansing organs and systems of rocks, slag, salt and other deposits, slowing or even stopping at all life processes. Cleanup begins with a colon, ongoing cleansing the liver, joints, kidneys, lymph vessels, the stomach. And, importantly, our technique of complete cleansing is taking place at home, people's means and without any material cost! Starting and having a full body purge of all superfluous, unnecessary and harmful, that it accumulated over decades, you guarantee yourself that each subsequent set up in your cage - healthy.

Proper nutrition

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Good foodThe foundation of health - this is proper nutrition, or a natural diet, based on the rules of combination products, cooking with no loss of vitamins and other essential substances syroedenii, sokoterapii. Permanent etogih compliance with regulations to protect us from the multitude of gastric and intestinal diseases. And heal us when we are already sick.

Cleanse from toxins and parasites

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ImageLiving in the modern world, we do not even suspect how much of our accumulated toxins, viruses and parasites that can not be found in conventional methods of diagnosis! These heavy metals and radioactive isotopes, and drugs, and herbicides, preservatives and a lot of other dirt - and hence - the weakening of the protection of the organism and, consequently, the disease! But there is a very effective method of purification: troychatka.


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    February 2009 - World Day Against Cancer

    Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide. WHO estimates that, without appropriate interventions for the period from 2005 to 2015 will die of cancer 84 million people. The theme for World Day Against Cancer 2009 - Children and the impact of second-hand smoke. According to estimates, the global death rate from cancer by 2030 will increase by 45% compared to 2007 (from 7.9 million to 11.5 million deaths), in part, because of the growth and aging of the world's population. This assessment takes into account the slight decrease in mortality from certain cancers in affluent countries. It is estimated that over the same period the number of new cancer cases will increase from 11.3 million in 2007 to 15.5 million cases in 2030. More:
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